Our daylight technicians are widely recognized as being highly efficient and capable.

Architectural Windows and Doors LLC considers Loewen, Windsor and Western Window Systems as being some of the finest windows and doors in window and door industry. Crafted to last a lifetime, learn how to care for your windows and doors and get the most out of your products.

Yearly Maintenance Program:

We are pleased to introduce Loewen Window Center of Santa Fe’s yearly maintenance program. Our yearly maintenance program allows you to maintain your windows and doors and gives you a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the product warranty. It is important to keep your products in proper working condition to ensure their longevity. Manufacturers require that you maintain your windows and door as parts of its warranty. We will inspect all windows and doors in your home to make sure they are in top working condition. The service will include the following:


  • Adjust and Lubricate Exterior Hinges
  • Check operation and functionality of roto gear operators
  • Inspect weather strip to ensure proper performance
  • Inspect and adjust window hardware including glide bar, scissor linkage (awning windows), pivot points (double-hung windows) and sash locks


  • Lubricate Hinges (swing doors)
  • Adjust Rollers (patio doors)
  • Check and Lubricate Multipoint Locking Mechanism
  • Adjust Strike Plates

The hourly rate for our Yearly Maintenance Service is $125.00. Generally yearly maintenance service calls can be completed within 1-2 hours.

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